Tropical Fruit Paradise- An Observation!

Lately most side streets you pass in Bocas Town have a mini fruit stand selling pineapple, papaya, mango, melon, watermelon, oranges and banana and all at a really good price! They also sell fresh veggies!

It is hard to buy a blender in town as a lot of people have discovered the taste of these fruit drink mixed together make a great healthy drink called a “batida” meaning “whipped” or batido meaning “smoothie”.

The shipments of fruits come from the “breadbasket” in and around Chiriquí, Panama. The trucks usually show up on Tuesday or Wednesday and there is a mad rush to get the freshest of the new bunch.

Every morning I make a great combo breakfast drink. During the week I freeze packages of the fruits so I can mix and match different tastes. This morning was orange juice, pineapple and banana! So hey, try it … you’ll like it! It’s good and it’s good for you!



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