The New Face Of Bocas… Digital Nomads And New Young Residents.

Some good things did come out of COVID. People realized that they did not need to stay in a land that has nasty weather, crowded living quarters, crowded streets, traffic jams, high rents / mortgage payments or civil unrest.

With that in mind people from around the world decided life is short and no time but the present to make a life changing move to a better world. That better world for some could be Bocas del Toro. We are experiencing many new visitors that are coming here and getting their residence cedula cards, then off to find a place to buy, build or rent.

Many are digital nomads that can work online as we have good island internet. Others are looking for businesses to buy and operate. This tourist season was beyond all our expectations. Currently most resorts, hostels and hotels are booked. Real estate is experiencing a hot market like we have not seen in several years.

These are exciting times. Land taxis, water taxis and tour operators are all smiling. as they have a larger tourist base to work from now.  New restaurants/bars are also popping up.

It is now easy to do on-line shopping as there are a few companies that forward letters/packages direct from Miami to Bocas. There is a buying/delivery service from David and Panama, all which makes living here so much easier than in the past.

That folks is the Bocas State of The Caribbean Union!

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