Island Quarantine

New Bocas Update!

Current  Update:UPDATE MARCH 1 2021Beaches are open, border is open, airports are open , restaurants are open, curfew is 5am until 10pm. Quite a few tourist are here ! Requiremants are face masks and COVID certified test are required for  travelers.Get out of the cold and come down here and come enjoy the tropics!!!  Past conditions no longer in effect.A curfew is in place for the holidays, All beaches...

Quarantine here in the islands April 2020

April 2020: To me, Bocas Town looks and feels like it did 20 years ago. Peaceful, few cars, fewer boats, only a few businesses open. The Panamanian government has done a good job of taking serious measures to ward off the virus from coming to our islands. The borders and airports are closed. The only people here in Bocas are residents. All tourist have traveled back to their countries a month ago. If...

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