Record Setting Tourism Season For Bocas

Talk about a change of scenery for Bocas Town from nobody on the streets during COVID19 to to record setting tourist in bathing attire, walking the streets in mass. Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, gift shops. water and land taxis, tours companies, hostels, hotel and street hustlers all benefitted after a slow take off in 2021.

We believe that a new tourist record was set for 2022.  Tourist season runs from mid-December to Easter. May is the time that many local tourist “business owners” either spruce up their digs or go on vacation from their vacation…Ha Ha. Hey, I can see their glares from here! The mini season is from June until August. September and October are the most beautiful as far as the weather and Caribbean go and the archipelago goes quiet.  (hint) great time to visit!

Real estate has taken off as people from around the world are changing gears and deciding to buy in to a new lifestyle. Most want tropical settings and of course Bocas fits that like a glove. It’s not a bad place to hang your straw hat, visor or sunglasses!






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