Hey Mon, Watch out for Falling Coconuts! Dat be a Major Tropical Headache!

No telling how many locals, ex-pats and tourist almost bite the big one everyday when a 5 pound coconut falls 40 to 80 feet down on your pumpkin head from a coconut tree. It is a good idea before walking under loaded coconut trees to survey the situation before walking. If there are coconuts on the ground under the tree…walk around the tree. Coconuts fall more often after a rain or at breezy times.  After doing some research on the subject, it is estimated that over 130 people  a year in the recorded world are seriously beaned resulting in a serious meeting with a higher power.

Another lesson about coconuts is visitors should never attempt to open a nut with a machete. There are a lot of folks running around here with 2 fingers missing. But wait, Indigenous folks and power tools, that also does not work so well down here.

Here comes Baz “Big Ding” Stetson for a visit down Coconut Row..Can’t be too careful!

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