GPS? We don’t need no stinking GPS in Bocas!

GPS?.. those are famous last prop letters as I was putting on yet another propeller on my boat. In a daily twist of Caribbean events the prop becomes the story. That day, our favorite island troubadour, Jimmy Buffett, who sometimes jets in to Bocas for a little surfing and R&R drops in. Bocas just happens to be  one of the those places where one can get away from the hectic life as a famous singer/musician/writer. He somehow ends up in my boat ,Wappen Ya’ll, to  relax at the sand bar off Isla Carenero’s ” Baby Pool” ( too sissy a name so we all now call it “Hammerhead Point”)  Then it’s time to take his group to surf.

Being nervous not to screw up with THE ultimate captain on board , I somehow managed to back the boat directly into some very large retaining rocks and thus began chewing up my prop. Having a spare prop which is always good here, Jimmy feels bad for me and being the nice guy he is, he  graciously signs my mashed up prop “One eye on the boat and one eye on the rocks” Got to be a song in there somewhere! The prop and photo  now hang in our real estate office and our visitors always want to know what happened ,so we thought we would tell you here first before you visit our office so you are now “in the know.” That’s the beauty of living the dream here in Bocas, you never know what going to happen day to day. The prop also serves as a daily reminder to getting around to ordering that GPS.

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