COVID In Da House!

Doom and gloom and agony on me. I’ll be damned if I didn’t go catch COVID at the same time with my wife, in the same house!! I quickly realized that I was in for one of those life changing situations. First, women may not know it but us guys really are not faking it. Do you think we would fake something so we could not go outside and do what we do. Do you woman really think we want to be in the same house 24/7 with you (only in healthy situations of course). Many times I thought if I could just crawl out and make my way to the Tequila Republic and order one last beer that would be it! Also woman always think we are psychosomatic, they get sick so they think, and us guys also get automatically sick.

Now here is the real skinny! First 2 days I thought we were going to die, right there in our own house. We were FREEZING with Ice age temperatures in Bocas??? Two bodies came in handy here. In my fevered head I thought I saw a mastodon on the ceiling. Next night we put on lots of old T-shirts, 4 blankets and felt like we were in one of those Tony Robbins fire huts. Never sweated so much in all my life….. Broke the fever! THEN the hospital calls and says on day 8 or day 10 of fourteen expect to have repeat symptoms same a day one. WOW they are not kidding about that! Same knock down!

COVID made us very tired, so we could not do much without taking a break and laying down,even reading was painful. Lets hope you do not get this junk. The hospital has been very professional and called every day to check on us. I am glad to report that all is well at the house and we are back in action! BTW the mastodon’s name is “Moose” if you happen to run across him!


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