The New Face Of Bocas… Digital Nomads And New Young Residents.

Some good things did come out of COVID. People realized that they did not need to stay in a land that has nasty weather, crowded living quarters, crowded streets, traffic jams, high rents / mortgage payments or civil unrest. With that in mind people from around the world decided life is short and no time but the present to make a life changing move to a better world . That better world for some could...

Quick Update on the Health of Bocas.

Great news! Bocas Del Toro archipelago has just reported 0 cases of COVID 19. The government reports that it has been successful in it's vacs program, and that has helped turn the tables on the pandemic. November is the month that there are 5 major holidays with multi vacation days and very little in the way of government gets done. This month festive crowds from Panama City and...

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