Market Trends

Bocas gets a new second airline- Bocas Air

The first official flight for Bocas Air landed at the Isla Colón airport in April. Parts of this story were published in the Bocas Breeze recently. Bocas Air is officially in operation. The community is eager to learn all about the new airline. The Bocas Breeze will be interviewing Bastimentos-native pilot and Bocas Air general manager Mr. Marvin Mathews soon and will see what he has to say about...

The History and Future of the Real Estate Market with our Crystal Ball

Clients are asking us what is happening in the real estate market here in Bocas, so we thought we would give you a quick market history. We at Buena Vista Realty collectively have lived in the Bocas islands many years. Over the years we have seen this little Caribbean town and archipelago change at different times. Not to be righteous, we do not profess to having a crystal ball of our own to tell the...

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