Living this island dream!

Many people ask us “how do you go about living the island dream?” How do make that life changing move?  My business partner Sumayyah has been here since 1998 and I (JB) have been here since 2003. We always answer that question with “You gotta just do it” No over analyzing or procrastinating. You just get your affairs in order as quickly as possible.

At 50, I realized the stress of running a business and a hectic lifestyle back in the States could kill me sooner than later. I knew I had to make a life change. So I made a 6 month plan and stuck to it by selling everything and taking the leap abroad to Bocas that year. That feeling of unloading everything and going into uncharted waters was exhilarating, also other seasoned expats helped us along the way.

There are many ex-pats here that already made the move here and hopefully you will join their ranks. Some are here for a life style business and some come to just retire from the rat race. Talk with us about your options and maybe we can help save your life , or certainly make it less stressful, simpler and more adventurous.

Here are some island life sayings we have collected, They apply to both men and women.

  • Life is short, Enjoy!
  • You are not a tree…move!
  • Manana?, hahahahaha or in Spanish jajajajaja!
  • “It’s rare to meet a man who knows what his dream is, it’s rarer still to meet a man who’s living it” A pleasure meeting one!
  • On the economic state of the country, Panama is a small country with a big… ditch!  Nuff said!
  • The three biggest Bocas tourist lies are “I’m not drinking tonight, I’m leaving tomorrow and… and I love you!”
  • “We’re all down here cause we ain’t all there!”

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