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Record Setting Tourism Season For Bocas

Talk about a change of scenery for Bocas Town from nobody on the streets during COVID19 to to record setting tourist in bathing attire, walking the streets in mass. Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, gift shops. water and land taxis, tours companies, hostels, hotel and street hustlers all benefitted after a slow take off in 2021. We believe that a new tourist record was set for 2022.  Tourist season...

The New Face Of Bocas… Digital Nomads And New Young Residents.

Some good things did come out of COVID. People realized that they did not need to stay in a land that has nasty weather, crowded living quarters, crowded streets, traffic jams, high rents / mortgage payments or civil unrest. With that in mind people from around the world decided life is short and no time but the present to make a life changing move to a better world. That better world for some...

The History and Future of the Real Estate Market with our Crystal Ball

Clients are asking us what is happening in the real estate market here in Bocas, so we thought we would give you a quick market history. We at Buena Vista Realty collectively have lived in the Bocas islands many years. Over the years we have seen this little Caribbean town and archipelago change at different times. Not to be righteous, we do not profess to having a crystal ball of our own to tell the...

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