Bocas Town becomes haunted by “little” scary creatures!

For some strange reason on October 31 of each year, little creatures just “appear up” in front of the Buena Vista Restaurant and threaten to bite an event announcer on the ankle if he does not fork over some candy. The restaurant is decorated like a dungeon and the announcer introduces the little scary beings. They came in all shapes and sizes, from gremlins,witches, ninja turtles, star wars warriors, beauty queens, gangsters and some we don’t even know what the scary character is supposed to be! Then a lot of candy is distributed (thrown) into the crowd and the mad monster scramble begins!

This is an annual event that we of course call Halloween. Cool part is that the local kids are now celebrating this event with ex-pat kids making this a great multi- cultural event. After all candy is involved! Then later adults dress up in scary costumes here, after all beer is involved!

Bocas is home to lots of ex-pat kids that are either home schooled or go to the local private school. Some are enrolled in public schools. It is amazing how they pick up languages from their class mates. It is a great environment for development and young life experiences.

If you are thinking about relocating to Bocas with children, it’s a great place for their development and life experiences. They may just thank you in later years.

But make sure to have some candy in your pockets on October 31 when the little scary characters come out to seriously play! Halloween is now here to stay in Panama.

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