Bocas Day, Let the Fiesta Begin!

Every year in November Bocas Town has its weekend recognition celebration. All schools of all ages participate in the marching parades and they do a fair amount of practicing We all know this as practice starts a couple of months before hand. It is a fun two days as little drummers play in step with their little drum majors. The big bands march to popular music you will recognize. The marching bands start on Main Street with the youngest and end with the university bands.

The bands come from the entire large Providence of Bocas Del Toro. Even marching bands from Costa Rica come to celebrate their neighbors fiesta. Some marching bands perform acrobatics while others display beautiful costumes, all while marching in step. Horns, xylophones, all types of drums fill the air with marching music. Part of the fun is to see the market area that sells all types of trinkets and lots, I mean lots of adult beverages, after all it is a fiesta for all ages. If you missed this party don’t worry, Bastimentos Day is the next week!

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