July 2019

Living this island dream!

Many people ask us “how do you go about living the island dream?” How do make that life changing move?  My business partner Sumayyah has been here since 1998 and I (JB) have been here since 2003. We always answer that question with “You gotta just do it” No over analyzing or procrastinating. You just get your affairs in order as quickly as possible. At 50, I realized the stress of running a...

GPS? We don’t need no stinking GPS in Bocas!

GPS?.. those are famous last prop letters as I was putting on yet another propeller on my boat. In a daily twist of Caribbean events the prop becomes the story. That day, our favorite island troubadour, Jimmy Buffett, who sometimes jets in to Bocas for a little surfing and R&R drops in. Bocas just happens to be  one of the those places where one can get away from the hectic life as a famous...

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