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unique, busy tourist town, but still funky

It will never be a Cancun. Some people enjoy that and others do not. Before you get too involved in your property search, you may want to visit Bocas. There are very few properties that are truly beachfront homes for sale. Although Bocas del Toro archipelago is made up of nine islands, most are often surrounded by mangroves or water but no sandy beach; however, there are many waterfront homes located throughout the islands.


Visiting Properties

Real estate sales are not like it is in your home area. There is no getting into a car and driving to see properties (except on the main island of Colon, the only island with cars). We have to take local water taxi boats. However, you will get a very informational tour and an idea of the areas of interest to you for usually only $50 to $150 and this way the tour money stays in the local community, with your help. When you purchase a property from us, we reimburse you for your boat expense.


The Community

Panama welcomes ex-pats and encourages you to buy a home, build a business or invest your time doing charitable work for the good of the community. Panama offers a generous visa program called a "pensionado" where you receive great discounts on airfare, hotels, medical and restaurants for being one. It's also a very eco friendly place, where plastic bags and plastic straws were recently banned from the Bocas environment.


Panama welcomes ex-pats and encourages you to buy a home, build a business or invest your time doing charitable work for the good of the community.

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Bought my first property from this company 17 years ago. I’m still happily making Bocas a part of my life and they are still here representing me and my interests. I have known J B and Sumayyah for many years and would not hesitate to recommend them. 💕
by Larry Michael Robertson
I found my dream home in Paradise through Buena Vista Realty. JB and Sumayyah was extremely helpful in assisting with negotiations, all of the legal formalities and provided some great moving tips. I am already recommending them to family and friends.
by Rick Johnson
JB and Sumayyah made the process of buying property in Panama "understandable and easy". Thank you for holding my hand and looking for more..
by Gary Frederick
We purchased a house on Carenero with the guidance and assistance from Sumayyah and J.B. They helped us each step of the way, from our initial search, through closing and beyond. End result, we are livin' the dream! We were especially pleased with the "no pressure" style of these two. They are two great realtors and their honesty and integrity is above reproach.
by Basil Stetson
Buying or selling a property in Bocas Del Toro is rife with exciting opportunity, as well as major pitfalls - you need established folks to HELP. Legal advice, outside of your lawyer, is critical as well as the pros and cons of where you want to buy and what you are up against. Sumayyah and JB are long time locals, deeply invested in the community and know the ins and outs better than anyone...honest, timely and factual. You are in great hands with BV.
by Stan Chew
I can't say enough about the dedication Buena Vista showed in selling my property! They just never gave up. Even back when sales were dead in the water, everywhere. I hope they open an office on the Pacific side of Panama!
by Tropical Paradise
I cannot recommend Buena Vista Realty highly enough. From finding a property whilst I was overseas to arranging a rental on my return as the purchase was still ongoing. It wasn’t a straight forward purchase but with the help of a lawyer recommended by the realtors; their due diligence paid off. I was always kept up to date with the negotiations. Their knowledge of real estate laws in Panama is unquestionable. Great team! Thank you!
by Dianne Bell
When looking for a real estate professional, there were four things that were important to me: accessibility; knowledge; ethics; and discernment. Cynthia Dunne fulfilled all of those! She is highly professional, thoroughly knows the market, answered my questions and quickly discerned what my needs were. She not only made sure that things were done in a timely manner, she also protected my interests. She made sure all of the legal details were done properly, so there would be no problems in the future. On top of that, she found me the perfect house! I highly recommend Cynthia. She is a hardworking, responsible, astute business woman and… a really good person.
by Barbara S
JB and his team at Buena Vista Realty went above and beyond to find my perfect rental property in Bocas, Panama. He is well known and reputable throughout the community after living on the islands for over 20 years. Communicating with JB from Colorado was a breeze, as he promptly answered all of my questions and concerns. I never felt pressured! The closing went seamlessly. His reliability and knowledge of the islands made me feel confident in my final decision. In the end, JB actually named my property. He provided a personalized experience that exceeded my expectations. JB continues to guide me in making informed decisions regarding the rental of my property. His expertise has proven to be invaluable in making my property successful. I hope you take the opportunity to work with JB and his team. You won't regret it! Happy house hunting, Jennifer Green, Denver, CO Property owner of Casa del Cielo, Bastimentos Island, Bocas del Toro, Panama

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